String Quartets Musique dEnsemble for Violins Viola and Cello Set of Parts CONTENTS Luigi Boccherini Quartet in D Major Op No Quartet in A Major Op No Quartet in A Major Op No Quartet in D mino

    • Title: 9 String Quartets Musique d'Ensemble
    • Author: Luigi Boccherini
    • Page:
    • Format: Partition
    • ISBN:
    • Publisher: Peters
    • Release:
    • Language:

for 2 Violins, Viola and Cello. Set of Parts. CONTENTS: Luigi Boccherini: 1. Quartet in D Major, Op.8 No. 5, 2. Quartet in A Major, Op.32 No. 4, 3. Quartet in A Major, Op.6 No. 6, 4. Quartet in D minor, Op.10 No. 2, 5. Quartet in G minor, Op.27 No. 2, 6. Quartet in E Major, Op.10 No. 6, 7. Quartet in G minor, Op.33 No. 5, 8. Quartet in A Major, Op.33 No. 6, 9. Quartet in C Major, Op.39 No. 1. Printed Music STRING QUARTET BEST SELLER!

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