What is Personal Coaching?

Many people shy away from personal coaching, believing it to counselling or therapy. However, coaching is not about looking into your past trauma or treating symptoms of anxiety or depression. For those people who have had the chance to get involved in coaching have found it to be very beneficial and getting involve can help you lead a happier and fulfilled life. In a personal coaching the focus in about improve situations that you want to make better or needs some motivation make your dream a reality. Your coach is not there to answer your question or solve your problems. But the coach is job is to challenge you to find your own answers and help become more aware of yourself. Although coaching is built on two-way conversation which is very important, in creating a positive professional relationship between coach and client. In coaching session your coach will assume that you are capable and creative and able to work in collaborative way with your coach to help you develop a workable aim that is based on your personal values and goals.

How to beat the January blues

If you are feeling down and withdrawing from life. You start wanting to see your friends less and may stop doing the usual day-to-day activities that you enjoyed.

Christmas is over and January is now here, the excitement of Christmas shopping, opening these presents or watching your children open Christmas present is now the thing of the past.

If you are prone to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), you will be struggling with the lack of light, which makes the winter a real challenge every year. You may experience sleeping more, experience negative thoughts going around and round; you eat things that you know are not good for you for comfort.

You may be struggling to thinking positively about you in life or future; you may also be overwhelmed by guilty or regretful thoughts and feelings, looking back over past events and wishing you had said or done things differently. You may also feel exhausted, angry or irritable and find yourself snapping at people, even for small things.

If you're feeling low, it's important to break this cycle and remind yourself that situations in your life you felt happy.   There are many technique from expert coaches and therapies, counsellors that I can list here but when you are feeling low this can be hard to motivate yourself to follow them through try this simple exercise I will give watching a comedy to help you laugh out loud. Watch comedy until you feel good about yourself and make list of your five most important morals you believe you have achieved for yourself and others?

This could be sharing a cup of hot chocolate, cuddling my child or stroking your pet. Don’t force yourself to feel anything let just happened. Don’t be hard on yourself.

You can contact me to help, find out want makes you laugh, laughter is key to helping move away from feeling low.